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posted by Bruce Jordahl
Thursday, July 16, 2015

Johnsons Drummer Thommy Hall Gets Sexy New Hot Crazy Kit

Thommy new drums

Swingin’ Johnsons drummer Thommy Hall has revealed that he has a new drum set. Known to change kits like some drummers change socks, Thommy’s new custom kit should come as no surprise; it is sure to make heads turn and eyes roll. Double kick drums with screamin’ Mimi graphics accentuate an otherwise sophisticated, reserved and professional set up. Hall commented, “I really like these drums, and you will too. When I hit ’em, you’ll get ’em. They’re Kentucky fried, so you’ll be mystified. And when I’m done you’ll be satisfied.” The band’s lead singer Bruce Jordahl said, “Why does Thommy need another drum set? Do we have a gig? Are we making a record? He doesn’t have a side project, does he? That’s not cool. And why does he sound like Jesse Jackson?” Bass player Scott Church added, “I am perplexed by this as well. We haven’t had a band meeting in a few years, but Thommy’s new kit makes me wonder if I missed one of them. It’s all good with me personally, and 4 Wall has no official statement – as of yet – on these developments. Bruce is really the paranoid one here.” The Johnson’s Robert Mokry points out, “Bruce is paranoid. He’s always accusing me of touching his knobs. Stay tuned for more hot news from your favorite lighting industry band The Swingin’ Johnsons!”