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About the Johnson’s

It is a fact that the Swingin’ Johnsons sprung forth from the bountiful 1990s in the automated lighting industry.

Though they weren’t known as the Johnsons at the time, their first gig was in the mid 1990s at The Joint, Vegas Hard Rock’s venue, at an evening billed as ‘Jammin’ At The Joint’. High End Systems CEO/Founder Lowell ‘Stormy’ Fowler had already hired the biggest names in the business to play his legendary tradeshow parties, and so looked to his employees to entertain the SRO crowd; this event marked the first time that Robert Mokry and Bruce Jordahl stepped onto a large stage at the same time.

This magical evening was repeated at Orlando’s House of Blues in 2001. Within a few years Thommy Hall and Scott Church had settled into the much-needed Johnsons’ rhythm section duties. Over the past decade, The Swingin’ Johnsons performed at every major party at lighting industry tradeshows (and other quirky gigs), and slowly began to develop industry and local followings.

In 2008 the band recorded ‘Size Matters’, an ambitious effort that showcased their diverse musical style. Apparently, the Johnsons are oblivious to the fact that major label recognition continues to elude them.

In 2010, they completed their second recording, ‘Everything’s Bigger In Texas’, and continue to perform live and write new material.

Robert Mokry

Guitar, vocals, keyboards, misc. stringed instruments, harmonica

Robert Mokry was born and raised in Austin, TX. He was inspired by seeing Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Johnson, Too Smooth, David Grissom, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and many other great Austin artists play up close at the city parks (thanks Mom!).

He played his first gig at 12 years old – the ‘end of junior high’ dance with Next Exit, and hasn’t stopped since.

Robert has played or recorded with Trik Trax, The Tone Bullies, Amy and the Bullets, JJ Cale, Malford Milligan, Kevin Fowler, Ted Roddy, Slash Cowboy and many others. Robert also records and produces the Swingin’ Johnsons albums.

Bruce Jordahl

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Son of composer/music educator Robert Jordahl, Bruce absorbed all the benefits of his musical DNA, and started on piano at age six and guitar at 11.

A product of the blue-eyed-soul drenched Louisiana swamp land, Bruce played thousands of gigs with Redzone, Cruise Control and The GTOs before migrating to Texas the week after SRV’s passing.

Through Robert Mokry (they met as students at McNeese State University), he landed a gig with High End Systems – due to his superior spelling – and worked as Director of Marketing at HES through the 1990s.

He left in 2000 for a three-year stint with PLSN magazine, and then spent his 401K on Total Production US. After a short career in lasers, Bruce took a job as Director of Marketing at Anvil Cases. He is now a freelance marketeer for the professional lighting and audio industries, and continues to hobnob with his important industry friends.

Scott Church

Bass Guitar, vocals

Scott Church was born in Flint, Michigan where he studied Music in high school and college, winning the Louis Armstrong Jazz award for leadership in jazz and stage band.

After college Scott worked in Myrtle Beach, SC as a lighting technician and bassist for Musicanna.

In 1981 he moved to Baltimore with the Musicanna organization, working between Baltimore and Erie, PA as house bassist. The next year he joined Scandinavian Cruise lines as a technician and in house bassist.

Folllowing two USO/DOD tours to the Mediterranean as show bassist and gigs with Phillips James and Tough Act to Follow, he joined Baltimore Stage Lighting full time and did weekends with the band Cahoots and Hardtimes.

In 2001 Scott left BSL to work Selecon and formed the Route One Band. This year Scott joined the team at 4Wall Entertainment and continues to play weekends with Route One Band.

Thommy Hall

Drums & Percussion

The largest of the Swingin’ Johnsons, Thommy continuously strives to extend his stature within the band through experimentation with various late night infomercial products.

Thommy has performed with a variety of bands sporting humorous band names including the Bluzbusters, Furious George and Gossip (an all girl band………don’t ask him about that…….ever!).

Thommy also sang along with Mr, Rogers and Captain Kangaroo as a small child. The band’s rider requirements for cheerleader outfits, midgets, a front end loader, Wesson Oil, Visqueen (rolls of plastic) and 115 four-inch square bean bags are for Thommy’s dressing room. Although there are stories, no other band member has ever been invited in.